Relief From The Effects Of High Altitude
Whether you have just arrived or have lived in Crested Butte for years, everyone is affected by the thin air here at +9000ft elevation. There is about 30% less oxygen available at this altitude than at sea level meaning that everybody has to adjust to living on less. This reduced oxygen availability can lead to symptoms of Altitude Sickness including:

- Fatigue –Nausea –Headaches –Chills –Lack Of Stamina –Poor Sleep
- Muscle Pain/Weakness –Poor Digestion –Depressed Immune System
- Restless Leg Syndrome –Dry Skin/Eyes/Mouth –Depressed Libido

One cure for these symptoms is Oxygen, and this is where the Sea Level Spa can help!

Our Oxygen Bar can provide fast relief by dramatically increasing the oxygen available to your brain and body. In many cases, just 10 to 15 minutes at the Oxygen Bar is enough to eliminate headaches and chills, relax the brain and body, and give a better night’s sleep. While this relief is temporary, it can help you through the first few days at altitude as your body acclimatizes to the higher elevation.

For deeper and longer lasting relief, we provide Altitude Adjustment (Hyperbaric) Chambers. The technology of these chambers has been used for decades to rescue mountain climbers who have succumb to the effects of Altitude Sickness. The theory is simple –if high elevation is the problem, lower elevation is the cure! By increasing atmospheric pressure within the chamber, we simulate taking you down to a lower elevation, all the way to Sea Level if you like!

Inside a pressurized chamber, the quantity of available oxygen is greater, and it is being delivered to the body at a higher pressure. More oxygen will be able to cross the lining of the lungs and enter the blood stream. The higher oxygen pressure in the blood stream means that more oxygen can cross the cellular membranes to enter the individual cells. This gives the effect of actually ‘loading’the body with oxygen. Muscles that were hungry for oxygen quickly fall into a state of deep relaxation. The whole body becomes at once energized and calm. On leaving the chamber, you will have more strength and energy as the oxygen stored in the cells is slowly released over the next day. Even those with no apparent symptoms of Altitude Sickness will feel an increase in stamina and clarity.

Pain Reduction
Pain robs you of strength, stamina, and clarity. It actually changes your body’s chemistry and functioning and compromises your ability to heal. Prolonged pain can attack your psyche and bring on depression. Acute pain can keep you from enjoying an active vacation. No matter how you look at it, life is better without pain!

At the Sea Level Spa, we have many ways to alleviate discomfort caused by stress, illness, or injury. Light therapies like our Pulsed LED Pad and Cold Laser have the power to loosen tight muscles and sore joints. By increasing blood circulation in a localized area, they can also reduce swelling and inflammation. Our Chi Machine actively exercises all of the body’s major skeletal joints loosening them and encouraging the proper flow of fluids around cartilage and spinal disks. Combining the action of the Chi Machine with our Incline Board produces a mild traction promoting even greater joint hydration.

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