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Oxygen Rental Available

Altitude Adjustment Chambers

By increasing the atmospheric pressure within the chamber, both the quantity of Oxygen and its rate of absorption within the body increase reducing or eliminating the effects of Altitude Sickness. Oxygen becomes stored within the body’s cells and is slowly released over the next many hours giving you greater vitality and stamina to enjoy your day in the mountains. It is also a wonderful way to recuperate after an active day helping you get a good night’s sleep so you are ready to get up and do it all again tomorrow!

Oxygen Bar

Breathing concentrated Oxygen from our Oxygen Bar is the fastest way to alleviate the symptoms of Altitude Sickness such as headaches, nausea, sleeplessness, and fatigue. It allows the body and mind to relax, reducing stress while increasing energy and alertness.


We offer many styles of Massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Hot Stone, Shiatsu, Thai, and Lymphatic, each providing unique specific benefits. Each style is wonderfully therapeutic, relaxing, and healing.


Reflexology is the art of applying pressure and movement to specific points on the feet to release tensions and blockages throughout the body This promotes a sense of general well-being.


An energetic balancing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It treats the whole person, removing energetic blocks and creating balance and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.

InfraRed Sauna

Besides just feeling REALLY good, the IR Sauna stimulates the body’s immune system and is clinically shown to eliminate many sorts of toxins from the body. Come relax in this tranquil environment while the day’s tension and stress melt away!

Pulsed Red/InfraRed LED's

A versatile Light therapy that combines several beneficial principles to bring relief to sore muscles and body aches. The pulsing Red light increases blood flow and cellular oxygenation while the InfraRed energy imparts a deep, relaxing warmth. It has been shown to also fight infections and help clear skin conditions.

Cold Laser

The Cold Laser imparts focused, energizing relief to sore and restricted muscles and joints, exciting blood flow and increasing flexibility. It is often used as an adjunct to chiropractic care, to reduce arthritis pain, and to increase athletic performance.

The Chi Machine

Developed by Dr. Shizou Inoue of Japan, the Chi Machine exercises all the major skeletal joints of the body’s frame in a rhythmical lateral motion, loosening and alleviating pressure on spinal disks and joint cartilage. At the same time, both major and minor muscle groups are relaxed and nerve filaments are stimulated exciting the body into a blissful state.

The OM'er

A very gentle, soothing and highly effective Magnetic Frequency Device for alleviating muscle and joint soreness and facilitating and accelerating healing of both acute and chronic ailments. It is useful to energize the chackras and meridian lines enhancing whole body wellness. It can also be used in a focused manner to directly address specific points of trauma or injury. It is also wonderful for use with cats and dogs!

Life Force Amplifier

An Electro-Magnetic Frequency device (an MWO) that emits a broad spectrum of high frequency energy which resonate with the body’s own bio-electric field. The effects have been described as relaxing, healing, restorative, and energizing. The LFA can reduce swelling and pain and speed recovery from all sorts of injuries or illness by enhancing the body’s own ability to heal.

The Zapper

The Zapper is a frequency device used to aid the body’s elimination of harmful parasites, bacteria, and viruses. It is particularly useful in clearing lung infections and digestive imbalances.

Shamanic Energetic Healing

The ultimate in energetic healing, Shamanic techniques can resolve life issues physically, emotionally, and spiritually, removing unseen blockages and opening you to your best destiny. Free yourself of the energetic/karmic baggage you have carried with you for lifetimes.

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